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  1. QUAR1462
  2. Tyvek Mailer, 9 x 12, White, 50/Box
    • Lightweight, moisture and rip-resistant Tyvek® construction.
    • Clean, crisp look.
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$50.08  BX
  1. QUA43768
  2. Postage Saving ClearClasp Kraft Envelopes, 10 x 13, Brown Kraft, 100/Box
    • Inexpensive Option. The trusty ClearClasp® closures are extra secure and reusable and unlike metal clasps, they're designed specifically to minimize costs at the post office.
    • Firm Paper. Sturdy kraft paper won't tear or bend during shipping and handling, and the opaque brown color conceals confidential data.
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$31.67  BX
  1. TOP73127
  2. Gold Fibre Fastrip Release & Seal Catalog Envelope, 9 x 12, White, 100/Box
    • Perforated flap.
    • No moisture required to seal.
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$35.75  BX
  1. QUA43563
  2. High Bulk Self Sealing Envelopes, 9 x 12, Kraft, 100 per box
    • Transport documents, slips, photos or other loose valuables
    • Thanks to the smooth, uninterrupted surface, the envelopes can be easily printed and prepped for delivery.
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$34.67  BX