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  1. QUA37613
  2. Open-Side Booklet Envelope, #13 1/2, Cheese Blade Flap, Gummed Closure, 10 x 13, White, 100/Box
    • Booklet Style. Sized for booklets, packets or promo material to fit neatly inside.
    • Windowless White Wove. Keep the envelopes plain or utilize the windowless surface to print custom detailing and labels.
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$78.91  BX
  1. QUA38597
  2. Clasp Envelope, #97, Cheese Blade Flap, Clasp/Gummed Closure, 10 x 13, Executive Gray, 100/Box
    • Large packs for busy offices.
    • In addition to the reusable metal clasp closures, there's also heavily gummed adhesive on the flaps for a supportive seal.
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$38.84  BX
  1. QUA41667
  2. Catalog Envelope, #13 1/2, Cheese Blade Flap, Gummed Closure, 10 x 13, Brown Kraft, 100/Box
    • Lightweight catalog envelope for mailing or storage.
    • Split Regular Gum. Add moisture to the flaps before folding them down. The heavily gummed adhesive effectively seals the package until opened by the recipient.
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$36.41  BX
  1. AVE5160
  2. Easy Peel White Address Labels w/ Sure Feed Technology, Laser Printers, 1 x 2.63, White, 30/Sheet, 100 Sheets/Box
    • Create professional address labels quickly and easily.
    • Perfect for high-volume mailing projects, labeling bottles, jars, food containers, product branding, event decorations, and more.
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$40.05  BX